Community Midwives of Kingston

Postpartum: the fourth trimester

Register your child's birth (Service Ontario)

Motherhood: what to expect in the early days

Breastfeeding Resources

Photo by Lindsay Foster Photography


Kingston Breastfeeding Connection- facebook page

Kingston Breastfeeding Connection website

La Leche League Kingston Facebook

KFLA/Napanee Public Health Lactation Consultants

Queen's Family Medicine- DropIn

KCHC- BetterBeginnings Peer Support


La Leche League International

Dr. Jack Newman Website
- Videos

- Information sheets

Breastfeeding Matters- Best Start Guide to Breastfeeding

he Breast Crawl Video  Evidenced-based breastfeeding and parenting

Breastfeeding your Preterm Baby Video (NHS)

Hand Expressing Colostrum

Breastfeeding Getting Started with videos (KFLAPH)

Signs your baby is hungry, early, mid and late feeding cues

Expressing and Storing Breastmilk (KFLAPH)

Breastfeeding After A Reduction (BFAR)

Alcohol and Breastfeeding

Depression or other negative emotions during milk let-down (D-MER)                   

Early Sexual Abuse and Breastfeeding (Podcast)


Ontario Milk Bank

Introducing Solid Food to your Baby (KFLAPH)

Postpartum Adjustment Resources:

Coping with Depression During Pregnancy and Following the Birth: (Self-Management Guide for Women)

Coping with Anxiety During Pregnancy and Following the Birth: (Self-Management Guide for Women)

Postpartum Adjustment Resources. (

Life with a new baby is not always what you expect. (

Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale Screening Tool

Kingston Peer Support Group: No Parent Left Behind 

Mother Matters: an online support group for postpartum mood and adjustment concerns

Self Care and Recovery

The 6 weeks postpartum what to expect BC midwives advice

Recovering from a cesarean section (c-section) BC midwives advice

After your cesarean birth (university of washington)

BabyCentre Cesarean Recovery

Factors in Postpartum Recovery (Penny Simkin)

Pelvic Floor Health (Childbirth Connection)

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy (K-Town Physio Downtown &West End)

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy (Lifemark Physiotherapy)

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy (Cassie Dionne @ Taylored Training)

Photo by Lindsay Foster Photography www.lfosterphotography.comThe Newborn:

New Dad website

Vit D supplementation (CPS)

Newborn Screening Program

Newborn Screening Info (CHEO)

Vitamin K for newborns

Care of the intact penis

Circumcision (Canadian Paediatric Society)

Circumcision: The Whole Story (Video)

Dr. G. Baran Circumcision Information

Dr. Reddoch Circumcision Clinic (Cornwall)

Dr. David O'Brien (Belleville) 613-967-9688

KGH NICU Care: Parent guide

Preventing and Treating Your Baby's Flat Head

Communication Milestones (KFLAPH)

Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Installation Clinics Kingston (Seats for Kids)

Car Seat Safety (MTO)

Infant Sleep

The Safe Sleep Seven for safer bedsharing from LaLecheLeague

Sleep Safety from Attachment Parenting Int.

Normal Infant Sleep (ISIS)

Where Babies Sleep (ISIS)

Bed Sharing and Safety (ISIS)

Using a Sling for Daytime Sleep (ISIS)

Dummies, Swaddling and Baby Sleep Bags (ISIS)

Sleep training (ISIS)

Safe Sleep (Health Canada)

Crib Safety (BCHealthLinks)

Crib Safety (Health Canada)

Sexual Health:

Birth Control (contraception) (

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

KFL&A Sexual Health Clinic

The Gentle Vasectomy Clinic

Resource list of sexual health books

Community Resources

Children's Outpatient Centre (COPC)
Hotel Dieu Hospital
 Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm. 
Enter the hospital through the main doors off Brock Street and go to your left past the Cafe, first door on your left. 613-544-3310, ext. 3150. 

MotherCircle Kingston

Ontario Early Years Centre

Child and Baby Talk Line (KFLAPH)
613-549-1154 or 1-800-267-7875 ext. 1555

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children (KFLAPH)

KFL&A Public Health Unit

KFL&A Immunization Clinic

Health Canada: Safe Kids

Canadian Pediatric Society

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network
Bereavement Ontario Network

Ontario Vaccination Schedule (Ontario public health)

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