Community Midwives of Kingston


The Ontario model of midwifery is based on three principles:

Continuity of Care:  Midwifery care is available to women throughout their pregnancy, labour, birth, and the first six weeks after birth. Midwives spend time developing relationships with women and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  In our practice, a shared care team of two midwives helps us to commit to continuity of care by keeping the number of care providers involved to a minimum.

Informed Choice:  Women are the primary decision-makers in the care they receive; midwives give information and educate to help women make informed decisions.  Examples of Informed Choice topics include Genetic Screening, Gestational Diabetes Screening, certain blood tests, medications or interventions, or Choice of Birthplace.

Choice of Birthplace:  The Ontario Ministry of Health and the College of Midwives of Ontario support choice of birthplace. Two Registered Midwives will attend all births in any setting, unless your care has been transferred to a doctor. The Registered Midwives in this practice have admitting and discharge privileges at Kingston General Hospital.  Midwifery clients may choose to give birth at home or in hospital. 

Choice of birth place is discussed with all clients seeking midwifery care. As with all your health care, you are responsible for making informed choices about your caregivers and the settings for that care. There are distinct risks and benefits to any birth place. It is the responsibility of parents to become as informed as possible, to weigh those risks and benefits and to make decisions appropriate to themselves. The available research indicates that planned home birth is a safe option for healthy mothers and healthy babies. This research is available for you to read in our Library.

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