Community Midwives of Kingston

Midwifery Care in Ontario:

College of Midwives of Ontario Standards of Practice

Ontario Midwives Brochure (Francais)  (Arabic)  (Chinese) (Espanol)
What is a midwife? (Francais)  (Arabic) (Chinese) (Espanol)
The Midwifery model of care (Francais)  (Arabic) (Chinese) (Espanol)

Midwifery by the Numbers (Midwifery in Ontario, BORN data)

Your Health and Privacy in Our Office (OBA)

Prenatal Information - the first trimester:

How to survive morning sickness (Motherisk)

Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy (SOGC)
Miscarriage (ACNM)

Calculate your due date

Working During Pregnancy (SOGC guideline here)

Antenatal care for uncomplicated pregnancies (NICE)

Be safe.  Have an alcohol free pregnancy. (Best Start)

Smoking and Pregnancy (KFL&A)
Pregnets (Prevention of Gestational & Neonatal Exposure to Tobacco Smoke)

Tobacco Info Line KFLA 613 549-1232 x 1333

Genetic Screening Options in Ontario
Prenatal Genetics KGH
Panorama Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)
NIPT fact sheet (Genetics Education Canada)

Lab Tests Online (explains common lab tests)
HIV Testing in Pregnancy (CPS) 
Cervical Screening Guidelines for Ontario
When an Rh negative woman needs WinRho

MotherRisk - Risk and Safety of Medications and exposures in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Medications in Pregnancy Fact Sheets-(MotherToBaby, Tennessee)

Zika Virus - Travel Advisory (Health Canada)

Zika Virus (SOGC)

Zika & Fertility (Queen's Obs&Gyn Dept)

Pregnancy and Dental Health (BC Health Link)

Dental Care in Pregnancy & Postpartum

Anxiety BC: resources for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Coping with Anxiety in Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Self-Management Guide

Coping with Depression in Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Self-Management Guide

Perinatal Depression Fact Sheet

Exercise & Weight Gain in Pregnancy:

Exercise in pregnancy with video (NHS) 
Indoor Walking Schedule (KFL&A)
Weight Gain in Pregnancy (Health Canada)

Exercise and Activity in Pregnancy (OMama)
Gestational Weight Gain Charts (Perinatal Services BC)

Hot Yoga and Pregnancy

Back Pain in Pregnancy

Nutrition in Pregnancy:

Vitamins and supplements (NHS)
Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby (Beststart)
Health Canada DRIs for Vit D and Calcium
Eat Right Ontario- email or call a Dietician
Canada's Food Guide
Folate in Pregnancy (Health Canada)
Food for you, Food for Two (Amherstview & Napanee)
The Good Food Box, and Community Food Programs (KFL&A)
Vegetarian and Vegan mums-to-be NHS
Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy ( 
Food Safety in Pregnancy (Health Canada)

Herbal Safety and Use in Pregnancy

Sensible guide to a healthy pregnancy (public health agency of Canada)

Iron-deficiency anemia & you (AOM) (francais) (espanol) (arabic) (farsi) (chinese)

Prenatal Classes and Community Programs:

Childbirth Kingston Prenatal Classes
Birthing From Within Prenatal Classes
Hypnobirthing Kingston-Penny Robinson

Preparing for an Empowering Birth - Online Interactive Course

KFLA Public Health- Prenatal Classes (online, class & breastfeeding only)

Baby is Coming Prenatal Class (BBKC)
Special Delivery Club (Teens - BBKC)

Better Beginnings for Kingston Children

Food for You, Food for Two (Amherstview & Napanee)

Prenatal Information - the second trimester:

Preterm labour. (KFL&A)

Ultrasound in Pregnancy (SOGC)
Fetal Ultrasound for Keepsake Videos (Health Canada)

Choice of Birthplace (AOM)

Think about VBAC: Deciding what is right for me (AOM)  (French)  (Arabic) (Chinese) (Spanish) (Farsi)

What are hypertensive disorders of pregnancy? (preeclampsia) (French) (Spanish) (Arabic) (Chinese)(Farsi)
Literature Review about Gestational Diabetes (AOM)
Gestational Diabetes (Canadian Diabetes Association)

To book a tour of KHSC labour and delivery please call Jane Cook at 613-549-6666 x 7676 Mon-Fri 7am-3pm

Prenatal Information - the third trimester:

Tdap vaccine in pregnancy (Public Health)

Q&A on Tdap vaccination in pregnancy (SOGC)

Screening for Group B Strep (GBS) in pregnancy (SOGC) (Francais)

Group B Streptococcus: Prevention & Management in Labour (AOM)Prevention of Early-Onset GBS Infection in Newborns (Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care) 2002

Perineal massage

Spinning Babies: Optimal Fetal Positioning
Optimal Fetal Positioning
he Miles Circuit

When Your Pregnancy Goes Past your Due Date (AOM) (Francais)(Espanol)(Farsi)(Arabic)(Chinese)
Induction of Labour with video (NHS)

Pregnancy Beyond Age 40 and Induction of Labour (AOM) (francais)(espanol)(farsi)(arabic)(chinese)

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes:

Make an Informed Decision about Feeding your Baby (KFL&A Health)

KFL&A Prenatal breastfeeding class
Childbirth Kingston Prenatal & Breastfeeding Classes
Ten Great Reasons to Breastfeed your Baby

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Rights: Information and Video (Human Rights Commission)


There is a great deal of health information available in MANY languages linked through the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Website. Lots of great pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and newborn info!


A special thank-you to Lindsay Foster ( for permission to use her photos and to our clients for permission to share such beautiful moments in this space.