Community Midwives of Kingston

Comfort in Labour:

Comfort in Labour: How you can help yourself to a normal, satisfying childbirth (P.Simkin)

Strategies for Specific Triggers of Anxiety During Childbirth (P. Simkin)

The 3R's in Childbirth Preparation (P. Simkin video)

Positions for Labour and Birth (Adapted from Transition to Parenthood)

What positions are best for birth, managing pain in labour , breathing exercises, & pain relief options (NHS videos)

Pain Relief in Labour with video (NHS)

Pain vs Suffering (P. Simkin video)

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

Clarifying your Feelings about Pain and Medications in Labour (P.Simkin)

Epidural Anesthesia

Monitoring in Labour:

Fetal Heart Rate monitoring in labour

Intermittent and Continuous Fetal Monitoring (OMama)

Resources for Labour:

Pathways to a Healthy Birth (Childbirth Connection) : Discusses the latest evidence about the hormonal physiology of pregnancy, birth and postpartum for mom and baby

Intrapartum Care for Healthy Women and Babies (NICE guideline, updated 2017)

Giving Birth: Informed Decision Making (Childbirth Connection)

Make your Birth Plan Online (NHS)

The Win-Win Birth Plan (P. Simkin)

Clinical Challenges in Childbirth Related to Childhood Sexual Abuse

Support in Labour:  

Labour Support (OMama)

The evidence supporting having a doula (Evidence Based Birth)

Kingston Doula Collective

Kingston Doulas (Facebook page)

D.O.N.A. International

Doula Training Canada


For those considering homebirth, don't forget to ask at the front desk about the next Homebirth Information Night.  Space is limited so remember to sign up! 

Choosing Home Birth (AOM Youtube video)

Choice of Birthplace  - Home (AOM)

Planning your first baby at home (AOM pictograph) (francais)

Planning your next baby at home (AOM pictograph) (francais)

Homebirth Research: An annotated guide

Results of the Choice of Birthplace Study (BORN Ontario)

Hospital Birth:

Choice of Birthplace - Hospital (AOM)

Having your baby at KHSC (formerly KGH)

Giving Birth in the Hospital Video (NHS)

To book a tour of KHSC labour & delivery unit (Connell 5) please call Jane Cook at 613 549-6666 x 7676 Mon-Fri 7am-3pm

Siblings at Birth and Sibling Preparation:

Siblings at Birth (LLL)

Preparing an older sibling for a new birth

DVDs available in CMK library:

I watched my brother being born 
Birth Day 

Books available in CMK library:

Welcome with Love
What Makes a Baby?

We're Having a Homebirth

My New Baby (picture book)
What Baby Needs

Comprehensive list of sibling preparation books at Parentbooks

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC):

Thinking About VBAC: Deciding what is right for me (AOM) (Francais) (Espanol) (Farsi) (Arabic) (Simplified Chinese)

BC Women's Power to Push Campaign
VBAC Pamphlet (Power to Push) (Espanol)

ICAN - International Cesarean Awareness Network

Waterbirth Resources:

Waterbirth International website
Immersion in Water for Labour and Birth (RCOG evidence-based guidelines)

Waterbirth outcomes study 2016 MANA

Waterbirth at home kit (if you are planning to sign out a CMK birthpool, please read these documents)

Considering a Waterbirth/Immersion at KGH? (read this brochure AND this price list)

Using Birth Pool in a Box (Youtube video)

Birth Pool in a Box

Breech Birth:

Spinning Babies: Evidence about ECV (Cochrane review)

Breech Birth and ECV info (SOGC)

Breech position and ECV (Dutch handout)

Breech Position and Breech Birth (HealthlinkBC)

Vaginal Birth for Breech Presentation (SOGC)

Five years After the Term Breech Trial

Coalition for Breech Birth
Breech Research (Coalition for Breech Birth)
The Webster Technique

Breech Birth Stories
Spinning Babies (Breech)

Assisted Birth:

Forceps or Vacuum with Video (NHS)

Vacuum and Forceps Assisted Birth (SOGC)

Cesarean Birth:

The Best Cesarean Possible (P. Simkin)
C-Section (SOGC)

Caesarean Birth (OMama)

Caesarean Birth (BC Women's)

Gentle caesarean: a woman-centred approach (video)

Skin to Skin after a Cesarean Birth (Evidence Based Birth)

Birth of the Placenta (3rd Stage):

The 3rd stage of labour (Pomegranate Midwives BC)

At Birth:

Skin to Skin with Baby

Early skin to skin contact (Cochrane research review)

Cord Blood Banking

Resources for survivors of sexual abuse:

When Survivors Give Birth (This book is available in the CMK Library)
When Survivors Give Birth (YouTube Video with Penny Simkin)

Misc. Resources:

Comprehensive list of great Pregnancy and Birth Books and videos

Topics in Birth (SOGC)





A special thank-you to Lindsay Foster ( for permission to use her photos and to our clients for permission to share such beautiful moments in this space.