Community Midwives of Kingston

A midwifery client's role and responsibilities

A midwife's care is individualized according to the client they assist. It is important for you to make your midwife aware of your expectations.   In order to be effective caregivers we ask that parents keep us well informed of problems or situations that may affect their care.

There are times when birth plans have to be changed. These may involve choice of birthplace (i.e. from home to hospital) or caregiver (i.e. from midwife to physician). We will fully explain any of these changes if they happen.

We ask that you have a family physician that we can refer to if general medical problems arise during pregnancy or postpartum and to whom we will transfer the care of both mother and baby after our care ends at six weeks postpartum. You can use this link to find a family doctor if you do not currently have one.

We ask all clients to actively participate in decision making about their care.

We encourage our clients to do their best to maintain good health during their pregnancies. A balanced diet, adequate rest and exercise contribute to healthy pregnancies. Clients must receive regular prenatal care.

We encourage parents to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for labour and birth either through prenatal classes or self-education. You are invited to use the clinic lending library, which includes books and videos.

If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your care we encourage you to discuss this with your midwife and work out a suitable solution. We want you to feel able to let us know about any criticisms or concerns you have with our midwifery care or our work as a group.