Community Midwives of Kingston

Can I have my baby at home?


Midwives in Ontario are proud to offer families a choice of setting for their birth. Families may choose to give birth in hospital, or at home. In our practice, approximately 25 to 30% of clients deliver at home.

Current research shows that home birth is as safe an option, for healthy low-risk pregnancies, as giving birth in the hospital. Our research is ever expanding and now shows that it may even have benefits over a hospital birth such as lower risk of infection, and lower rates of intervention.


For those clients interested in a homebirth, your midwife will discuss with you your options and whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for homebirth.  We also invite all clients considering homebirth and partners and family members to attend a homebirth information session.  These sessions are held regularly in our office.  Ask your midwife for more information.